Saturday, June 11, 2016

Savvy Saturday with Andrea R Cooper

Trust Your Gut

A lot of pain and accidents in my life would’ve been avoided if I had listened to the little voice whispering in my head not to do something. Whenever I ignore the warning, I regret it.

Sometimes my gut tells me something that is illogical. Once, I was in a left turn lane. The voice told me to shift over into the next lane, but that was going straight. I needed to turn at this light. It made no sense to move. Forty seconds later, a car with four teenagers ran into the back of my car. And none of them had a driver’s license or insurance, and the car was their mother’s friend’s.

I should’ve changed lanes.

I knew a relationship I was involved in was doomed from the beginning, but I pursued it anyway. Though it did help me see what an incredible, wonderful man I married now.

The few times I did listen to my instinct, the payoff was huge. I’d been working a full-time job for nearly ten years and not getting any benefit or appreciation for all the extra work I was doing. I posted my résumé. To some, this might seem like no big deal. But I don’t like change. I enjoy knowing what I’m doing and not diving into the unknown. Amazingly, I landed a job in a different industry, paying almost double what I made at my previous job, and moved from a short-wall cubical to having my own office. Yes, the office was the size of a closet and had no window, but it was awesome. The work was a different field and fulfilling too.

Another time I trusted my gut was becoming a published author. When I read an article about a new publishing company looking for authors, I didn’t recant the times agents and big publishing houses had said no, I took the chance and it paid off as I’m now a paid author.

So, trust your gut. When I have, it’s made all the difference.

What about you? Was there a time your instinct saved you—or that you wished you’d listened?

Andrea’s Bio: Andrea has always created characters and stories. But it wasn't until she was in her late twenties that she started writing novels.

What happened that ignited the writing flame in her fingers? Divorced, and disillusioned by love songs and stories. They exaggerate. She thought. Love and Romance are not like that in the real world. Then she met her husband and realized, yes love and romance are exactly like the songs and stories say. She is now a happy wife, and a mom to three kids (two boys and a girl).

Andrea writes paranormal and historical romance. When not writing or reading, one may find Andrea dancing in Zumba.

She believes in the power of change and counting each moment as a blessing. But most importantly, she believes in love.

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Claimed – Book 1 – Paranormal Romance

Renee Maxwell lands her dream job as assistant to archaeologist Damon Cubins in wondrous Turkey. However, she starts seeing strange things after finding a unique crystal. For one, hot Damon now looks like the sexy demi-god and underwear model of her dreams. Her feminist ideals are challenged with each bit of banter and seductive look he gives her, but she's not falling for his charm.

Time is of the essence for incubus, Damon Cubins, who must find a one-of-a-kind crystal or turn into a full-fledged demon. He has neither the time nor desire for love, but his new assistant tests his resolve. When he discovers she’s got the crystal he needs to save himself, he must make a decision to either romance it from her or walk away. But can he?

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