Monday, February 1, 2016

Hot New Releases for February

This month we have a great Paranormal Romance and a fun Historical Fiction to offer our lovely readers. R.J. Hore strikes again with this sequel to The Queen's Pawn, and Joanne Renaud has gifted us with another time-traveling romance sure to be just as popular as her first book with CBG: A Question of Time.

By Joanne Renaud
Paranormal/Time Travel Romance
Champagne Books:

Jackie Karam always knew her friend Orne was a weirdo, even before he enlists her help in opening a door to an alternate dimension. His theory is that if one could find a book one lost, a book one loved but can no longer remember anything about, it might open a door to another world. Jackie just happens to have such a book in her past. A science fiction novel her high school teacher had recommended to her before he died in a car crash.

Jackie loves hanging out with her handsome, charming, eccentric friend, so she agrees on a trip back to her hometown to look for Mr. Forrest's book. She finds it in the White Springs library, and just as Orne hoped, opens a door to another dimension, one altered from the world she knows. Not just altered, but better. Her career is a success, her old teacher is alive and well, and her relationship with Orne is so much more intimate. Her own world is so drab and hopeless by contrast, she's tempted to stay.

But does she truly belong in this other world? What happens to this world's Jackie if she stays? And what will happen to her, if she refuses to go back through that door?

The Queen’s Man
By R. J. Hore
Historical fantasy
Champagne Books:

Harow, mistaken as a duke, has spirited the High Queen Reginee and her daughter Desiree-Rose to safety in the mountainous land ruled by bold Duke Owaine. Now Owaine and Reginee are scheduled to be wed and the queen wants Harow to stand up for her at the ceremony. With marriage on their minds, and a short supply of eligible men, Harow finds himself the target of several young ladies and a jealous Desiree-Rose who is already planning their wedding.

But Harow has other things on his mind as the queen’s brother and leader of the rebellion that overthrew the kingdom continues to plot with his allies close by just across the border. They want to stop the royal wedding at all cost, including murdering or kidnapping the queen and her daughter.

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