Tuesday, May 8, 2012

"I am Your Density" by June Kramin

Nope. The title is not a typo. It's something hubby says to me now & then. Thank you ‘Back to the Future’ part 1 & actor Crispen Glover.

We don't have regular TV in our home. We simply couldn't justify the price of cable anymore, especially when there seemed to be less and less of anything interesting on. Reality shows have taken over and just weren't our thing. That's not to insult anyone that enjoys these shows, it just isn't us. I didn't take to "Cooking with Aunt Betty while she remodels your house and takes in the neighbor’s kids to raise them right while she dances with Brad Pitt". Nuff said. We did enjoy a few different series' that may make you go "ick" so we're even :) We really enjoyed Mythbusters and Dirty jobs (well, if not the show, Mike Rowe anyway) so I bought the DVDs.

Back to the title, we are big movie watchers and at the top of the list are trilogies and such. Okay, so maybe 'Back to the Future' wasn't an award winner, but it killed a few days and had re-inspired another saying in our home. If hubby does something silly, the repair is, "I am your density".

Hands down, 'The Princess Bride' cannot be topped for quotes. I while back I met a friend on my writing forum with hubby & daughter in tow. My friend’s comment to the size of my hubby was "He's huge. Bugs Bunny character pick-you-up-and- bend-you-into-a-pretzel huge."

Hubby's response: "I can't help it if I'm the biggest and the strongest. I don't even exercise." Rest in peace, Andre the Giant.

It was about six months after the release of my time travel romance, Dustin Time, when I was bullied into writing its sequel, Dustin’s Turn. The contract was dated for release almost a year and a half after it was accepted. I had a lot of time before editing began. It’s always nice having your book aside for a while. The first read always brings surprises. I didn’t remember how many little quirks and saying of ours made it in there. I can’t wait for my daughter to be old enough to see how even her little school “antics” became Dusty’s.

As usual, Champagne’s editor was top-notch and even though my release isn’t until Sept., I am only waiting on a last round of final tweaks. I am anxiously waiting to see my cover, but I know I’ll be swooning there as well.

Look for Dustin’s Turn in Sept with Champagne books.

Happy Reading!

June Kramin


  1. Thanks for having me here, gang!

  2. It's nice to be able to to use your highlights in life to enhance the reality in your fiction.

  3. Thanks , Julie! Something sneaks in every novel. I love coming across things like that :)