Monday, February 20, 2012

RITA BAY'S TASTE OF CHAMPAGNE: Born in Ice by Linda LaRoque

Our Taste of Champagne this February is Born in Ice by Linda LaRoque. Born in Ice has a fascinating origin. Linda was inspired to write Born in Ice based on a dream. Years later, Born in Ice, deviating slightly from her dream story, was published by Champagne.

Linda set up her publication celebration blog tour with a twist. She was a guest at ten blogs and posted a short excerpt from Born in Ice at each. Visitors who left comments were entered into a drawing for a Kindle Reader. What an intriguing idea! I had to visit the first blog just to check it out but I got hooked on Born in Ice and visited the others blogs on her tour to read the excerpts. Didn’t win the Kindle, but enjoyed the read.

In Linda’s post-apocalyptic world—Don’t you just LOVE post-apocalyptic worlds?—salvage operator Brock Callahan discovers Zana Forester encased in ice, holding her infant son. Zana awakens to discover that her baby did not survive and that seventy-five years have passed. She must make a new life for herself while searching for her daughter who might have survived. Zana is encouraged to marry and Brock is a willing candidate. He still loves his deceased wife but needs a nanny for his daughter, and Zana is committed to the search for her daughter. With time, however, sparks fly between them but danger threatens Zana and those around her.

Linda does a masterful job of creating a new world and populating it with compelling characters for an all-round great read. Born in Ice is available at Champagne at
Visit Linda at to read more about her and her stories.
Next month, maybe a Scottish historical.

Rita Bay
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  1. Good post, Rita - Linda's book is still on my TBR list!

  2. Hi Rita - thank you for this great post about my dream story. It was loads of fun to write, especially the research. Thanks again,

  3. First off, LOVE Linda LaRoque. Second, LOVE Champagne publishing. The two together are like making magic. This book looks very intriguing and I can't wait to read it. Good luck on sales Linda and Rita, thanks so much for posting.

  4. Hey, Val! Thank you so much. We both LOVE you too!

    Hi, Debra. I look forward to hearing what you think!

  5. Just returned from the backwoods sans internet - catching up slowly. Thanks to everyone for visiting. As for Born in Ice, bought it, loved it, and looking forward to more great books from Linda LaRoque. RB

  6. So glad you enjoyed Born in Ice, Rita! Many thanks!